Eraze Software Solutions

While studying Electrical Engineering at the Technical University of Delft, an oportunity came up to design and build a software system for a major Dutch oil company. This led to the founding of Eraze Computer Software in 1993 by Jeroen Frijters and Mark Raming.

Since then, we have been providing high quality software design- and development services in a variety of industries and built a reputation based on our deep technical knowledge on a broad range of technologies and tools plus our ability to quickly gain a thorough understanding of the business of our clients.

By working in association with other software consulting companies, such as Wedelich Consulting, Solid Token or DevCon B.V., we maintain the depth and stability required by clients while preventing the high overhead costs of a larger organization.


We specialize in providing design, development and support services for custom software solutions across the full life cycle of such systems. We can either work independently in our own office facilities, or work as part of an existing development team at the client's site. In association with Wedelich Consulting, we have successfully completed several projects for a major oil company as part of a global software development team. Recently Solid Token further strengthened this team.

We also provide consulting services to companies and development teams in areas such as data model design and review, architecture reviews, (new) tools and technologies or help teams improve their development processes.